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Guild Information
Reggiano/Fair 7/20/2015 7:22 PM
Follow Us on Twitter @DOMEQ2
Reggiano/Fair 8/26/2014 2:25 PM
No Raid Sunday 8/31 & Monday 9/1 due to the Labor Day Holiday
Dominion Officers
barthalemew (Ekinio)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Cheiki (Cheikier)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
csgraffix (Reggiano/Fair)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Irisblues (Jarlsburg (Cheese))
Sadok'toran (Officer)
irisblues66 (Jarlsburg)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Jennafae (Jennabug)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Katrycia Winterbourne
Founder (Guild Leader)
lanelleo (Lilystar)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Shaemus (Caraleah)
Founder (Guild Leader)
SonnetEQ (Breezy)
Sadok'toran (Officer)
Ten Forward!

Guild News
XP Slider Issues!!! BEWARE
By csgraffix, Feb 26, 14 10:51 PM

As of the Game Update on Tues. 2/26 if you have 340 AA your slider is NOT working correctly.  Even though it shows 100% conversion you are STILL gaining XP.  We were in a group tonight and all got 5XP before Jenna noticed (and that was only 2 trash fights into the zone).  We have post... Read More

SOE Live 2013 Streamed Events
By csgraffix, Aug 1, 13 1:40 PM

SOE Live 2013 is being streamed on Twitch.TV

Thursda... Read More

Dominion Guild News
By csgraffix, Apr 24, 13 1:13 PM

Dominion Guild News, New Members and Promotions!

In our second weekly installment of Guild News; We have our first "Git'er Done!" Event, more "Welco... Read More

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The Dominion, an Everquest II Progression Raid Guild on Antonia Bayle
Welcome to the home of The Dominion, formerly Vitality. We are currently working our way through The Destiny of Velious expansion. You must be locked at level 90 to raid. We restrict gear to that which comes from DOV or older zones. We accept any level/class as non-raiding members. We pride ourselves on being a drama-free mature guild.

We are currently looking for a Illusionist, Dirge and Warden as a full-time raiders. Others are welcome to join us, and if a position in raid becomes available you will be welcome, however that position cannot be guaranteed at this time.

We are not currently looking for any Tanks at this time.
Recruiting Information
The Dominion is currently recruiting the following:
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Conjuror (1)
Illusionist (1)
Necromancer (1)
There are no upcoming events.
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